Automate your vacation rental security deposits

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Vacation rentals: a booming market

Since the emergence of seasonal rental platforms like Airbnb and Booking, concierge services like Welkeys or Smart Renting have come about to make owners’ lives simpler by taking on the responsibility of managing their rentals. The services they offer vary, and may include managing the renter welcoming process, handing over the keys, doing laundry or household work, etc. In short, they manage everything so you don’t have to!

If you have several homes for rent, taking care of all aspects of their management is no small task, and can quickly eat up a lot of your time.


PMS and Channel Manager

You can administer some of your repetitive tasks with a Property Management System (PMS) or Channel Manager. These software programs enable you to automate the updating of information about your leased properties across all distribution channels, like AirBnb and Booking. The concierge service takes care of the tenants, the Channel Manager handles your listings, and the PMS manages your rental business This deals with a large share of your mundane tasks. All that’s left is asking your guests for their security deposit when they arrive…


What about the security deposit?

What’s the best way to go about this? Walk around with a payment terminal to collect security deposits? Tell your guest that their €500 check will be held and returned to them when they leave? What about international guests who didn’t bring a checkbook? Max out your guests’ credit cards? Ask them for a cash deposit? Ask them for a wire transfer? The tenant is probably in the early days of their vacation, so asking for a €500 deposit, no matter how, is always a touchy subject. Whatever the case, this isn’t an ideal way to make a first impression.


A long and complicated process…

Asking your guest for a security deposit to protect your property from potential damage is almost always done for vacation rentals. Concierge services have to handle many issues, especially optimizing the management of security deposits that raise logistical issues:Manual processing, securely saving bank details, processing time, settling any disputes that arise, etc.


Make your life easier with Swikly

Swikly was designed to be the answer to this problem:Our service secures and automates every process involved in getting a deposit without placing a charge or affecting the tenant’s credit limit.. After your guests leave, if you notice any damage, you can collect some or all of the deposit securely via our platform. Swikly is a much simpler and more practical alternative that replaces checks, which are on their way out anyway, or bank card imprints that are unsuitable for concierge services’ needs due to time, security, or dispute resolution issues.


Automate your security deposits

Swikly can fit perfectly into the confirmation emails you send from your Channel Manager or PMS. Swikly also has an API or Zapier module (available on request) to make integration a snap. The security deposit request email can be sent a few days before your guests arrive so that they can finalize their booking by posting their deposit online. It’s all done online, so you can get back to focusing on giving your travelers a warm welcome. Unlike other payment methods, a secured deposit with Swikly doesn’t affect the traveler’s card limit. Additionally, the deposits can be extended to last up to several months. We carry out a multitude of bank verifications: With the 3DSecure code, we make sure that your guest is really the official holder of their card, and that it has not been declared lost or stolen. Swikly is available in a multilingual version, you can send your requests in your customers’ own language, including English, Spanish, German, Italian, or Dutch.

Exemple de formulaire Swikly pour le dépôt de caution
Sample Swikly form for security deposit

Swikly also handles dispute

Outsourcing the management of security deposits to a trusted third party like Swikly makes it possible to fully automate your rental process while improving the guest experience. Thanks to Swikly Link, the renter can post their security deposit, pay household expenses and the tourism tax, all by registering their bank card just once. As a trusted third party, Swikly handles collections and any disputes that could arise between your guests and you. We aim to be a complete, all-in-one service, from securely posting a security deposit to making payments to dispute resolution. Swikly makes your life easier!

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